Nomination Fee options

The following registration fees apply to members of the VLCC, with respect to VLCC Managed Events (excludes premiere events like Minlaton and Port Broughton, State Championship and Open events hosted by the SD-VLCC and AHMCC.

$2 Safety Fee
Effective from 1 January, 2013 - Payable in respect of all GSR and Handicap events managed by the VLCC, including Opens.

$12 Prepaid Nomination fee (includes $2 safety fee)

Must be paid to Race Secretary at the Club at least one week before the event is held, i.e., the preceding Sunday, or you can "pay in advance one week" (pay this to the Club Handicapper) and have your name/payment recorded as "paid for next event" until such time as you nominate for that event.

$15 pay on day nominations (includes $2 safety fee)
Pay on day nominations (costing $15) apply where you elect to nominate but not prepay for the event.

Post Noms ($15 - includes $2 safety fee)
Post Noms are accepted for VLCC Graded Scratch Race (GSR) events only. 
Post Noms close at 8.30am sharp on the morning of the event.

Late Noms for Handicap events managed by the VLCC ($25 - includes $2 safety fee) (effective 1 February, 2014)

-   Nominations received after 9pm Wednesday and before 5pm Thursday WILL BE ACCEPTED subject to $25 nomination fee being paid.
-   Nominations received after 5pm Thursday will be accepted on a case by case basis (not guaranteed)

Championship events
Same rules as above, but close on the preceding Sunday at 9pm.  Late noms ($15) may be accepted if received by 9pm on the preceding Wednesday, but are subject to approval by the Club's Handicapper before being included into the event.

State Championship events:  Prepaid nominations ($15) if received by 9pm on preceding Sunday.  Late noms ($25) may be accepted if received by 9pm on the preceding Wednesday night.

Open events:  Members nominating by 9pm on preceding Wednesday will be charged $15)
Members electing to nominate after this time, and up until 7pm on the preceding Thursday night will incur a $10 surcharge (increasing nomination fee to $25)
All nominations must be directed to the State Handicapper.  Refer to the relevant flier on distribution when the event is being held for more information.

Additional Invitations:  At discretion of Club holding event.  Cannot be more than $15 for an event.

Scratching fees:  Scratching fees (where you nominate for an event but do not show) applies to all events. The respective fee remains payable.

Where nominations are not pre-paid, and a fee becomes due and payable, your name will be listed on our Fees Owing register (with the name and date of event for reference purposes).  Suspension from racing may occur where fees remain outstanding for a long period of time.

Moving forward a pre-paid nomination fee:
Must be received prior to 5pm on the Thursday night preceding the event (Club events) for your nomination fee to be retained and carried foward. 

Note:  For Club Championship events, the VLCC Handicapper must be notified prior to 9pm on the preceding Sunday night for your pre-paid nomination fee to be carried forward, or for a scratching fee to be waived.

Refund Policy
Please note that the VLCC does not offer a refund policy for event registrations.  In the case you wish to scratch from event, your registration fee will be "carried forward" to your next event.  For your next event, you will need to contact the Handicapper direct, as our online registration system does not allow for registrations without payment.  This refund policy will only apply if you scratch from the event before 9pm on the Wednesday night preceding the event.

Last updated:  3 Feb, 2015

Kevin Wood GSR

kevin wood c grade