Obligations as Club Members

Once you have been a member of the VLCC for a year or more (includes renewing members), you will be obliged to complete Warning Sign or Roster Duty at Outer Harbor.

Where you elect to perform warning sign duty, you must be at the Clubrooms at least 1 hour and 15 minutes before racing commences.

When applying for membership with the VLCC, you will be required to sign the following declaration:

To complete CORNER or WARNING SIGN DUTY when called to do so (aproximately once every year) - OR pay a $50 exemption payment; and

To attend a Corner Duty accreditation seminar held by the Club as soon as possible, which will ensure that I can perform my Corner Duty, when called to do so; and that

Should I be unable to fulfill my duty when rostered, I must make arrangements for another accredited member to swap or accept a FEE to complete my corner duty.

Kevin Wood GSR

kevin wood c grade