Come 'n' Try

If you are completely new to the sport of competitive cycling, and you have never been a member of a cycling club (AVCC or Cycling South Australia), then you may take advantage of the "Come 'n' Try" program.

This program entitles you to participate in one Club event conducted by any of the South Australian clubs affiliated with the South Australian Veteran Cycling Association, namely:

-  Veteran & Ladies Cycling Club (VLCC)
-  Southern Districts Veteran & Ladies Cycling Club (SD-VLCC); or
-  Adelaide Hills Veteran Cycling Club (AHVCC).

No Club, Licence or Nomination fees are payable for the event you register for under the Come 'n' Try program.  You cannot apply to ride using the "Come 'n' Try" option for Open, Club or State Championship events.


As a non member under the "Come 'n' Try" program, the following conditions apply:

-  You will be required to sign a temporary membership form.  No insurance premium will apply whilst riding under the "Come 'n' Try" program.

-  Insurance cover will commence 15 minutes prior to your event commencing, and 15 minutes following completion of your event.  This is to allow for appropriate warm up, and warm down time.

-  Insurance cover only applies at the venue of the event involved.  That is, it will not cover you from your home, or any other destination.

-  The maximum number of rides allowed you are allowed to participate in, under the "Come 'n' Try" provisions is one (1).

For more information about the type of insurance cover provided, please refer to the the "About" tab, contact the VLCC Club Secretary, or download the "Come 'n' Try" application form from the Downloads tab on this website.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Note:  Come 'n' try events are preferably conducted at Graded Scratch Race events held at Outer Harbor.  If applying to participate in a Handicap event, these applications will be considered on a case by case basis. 
Please refer to our Racing Calendar for more information about future events to be held at Outer Harbor.

Once you have found an event you would like to participate in, contact the Club's Handicapper so that your name can be included in the program (refer Contacts page for contact details of Club Handicapper).

Kevin Wood GSR

kevin wood c grade