Club Forms

Club Forms - General

- Application for Membership Form
- Over 80 Medical Clearance Application Form
- Come 'n' Try Application Form
- Life Membership form (Note: Nominee must have at least 10 years membership with Club)

- AVCC Consitition
- SAVCA Constitution - please refer to SAVCA website
- VLCC Constitution

Insurance Forms
- Insurance claim form
Claim forms are currently being revised. Until such time as the Insurance Form is reissued, Notification of an injury likely to incur a Claim on the AVCC Insurance Scheme should be directed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Upon receipt of such notification, the Secretary will notify the AVCC and OAMPS and provide the claimant or representative of the rider with the paper work needed to register the Claim.

Bicycle Express
Order/Payment Form (for emergency stock held at Club)

Expense Claim Forms
Petrol expenses - Volunteers
- Order form (for reimbursement of expenses made on behalf of Club)

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