Weather Policy

Summer Criterium Series

The VLCC now uses the WeatherZone+ mobile application for smartphones to make decisions about weather forecasts. If the forecast temperature for Adelaide, as published on the WeatherZone site at 3pm on race day, is predicted to be 37 degrees or above at 6.00pm on race night, the day's events are cancelled.  The WeatherZone+ app for iPhone or Android is available via

Should inclement weather prevent the events being held on the day, notification will be provided via this website (Latest News) by 3.30pm.

    Other events managed by VLCC - e.g, Outer Harbor, Mt. Crawford, Lobethal etc.

    Hot Weather Policy

    If the current  (not forecast maximum) temperature as reported on the 6.00am news of the morning of the event is 37c degress celcius or higher, then the event will be cancelled.

    Winter Weather Policy

    Depending on the conditions prevailing just prior to the event being held, a decision is made at the Club as to whether or not the event should be held, which takes into account the safety and comfort of both riders, and volunteers.

      Invitation events held by SD-VLCC and AHVCC

      Each club has their own rules about hot, or inclement weather.  We recommend that you refer to the SDVLCC and AHVCC weather policies for more information.

        SAVCA State Championship Events

        The weather policy adopted by the hosting club is applied to the event.

          Risks associated with high intensity exercise in a hot environment:

          Exercising in a hot environment can lead to:

          Heat Exhaustion
          Heat Stroke

          Avoiding Dehydration

          Keep your fluids up
          Drink 1 litre an hour in hot weather

          Heat Exhaustion is characterised by:

          High heart rate
          Loss of endurance, skill or confusion
          Feeling nauseated
          Clammy skin, or you become pale in colour

            Heat Stroke

            Very similar to heat exhaustion, but your skin becomes very dry, you are confused, and there is the risk of collapse

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