Currently, approximately $10 of your weekly nomination fee is directed to the weekly prize pool. In addition to this, where a sponsor is secured for the event, the weekly prize pool will be increased by the amount of sponsorship received.

The VLCC pays out prizemoney based on a "per capita" basis - i.e., the more competitors in your Grade or Division, the higher the number of places. As a general rule, a 30% pay-out ratio is used for Graded Scratch Races, whilst for Handicap events it is approximately 25%.

For Handicap events, Fastest time payments are also made (currently $20.00).

The following "Incentive Awards" are also made in Handicap events:

Division 1:
-  First Unplaced Over 60 - $15.00 

Division 2:
-  First Unplaced Over 70 - $15.00 
-  First Unplaced Lady  - $15.00 

Note:  For the "First Unplaced" prizes to be paid, there must be a minimum of 3 members competing.

Rules re attening Presentations - Memorial Handicaps (VLCC Managed Events - excludes Opens, Additional Invitiations)
1.  If you place in the top 3, and you do not attend presentations, your prizemoney will be forfeited, and added to the following week's prize pool.
2.  You will still receive your points (VLCC, BEPS as appropriate), and be recognised on the Perpetual Trophy, VLCC Honour Board.
3.  Prizemoney awarded to minor placegetters will be still be paid - refer rules re Unclaimed Prizemoney.

Rules re Unclaimed Prizemoney:

1.  Must be collected by you, in person, at the Club - i.e., will not be given to a representative.
2.  Prizemoney not collected within 90 days will be forfeited (to General Revenue of the Club)

It is up to each member to retrieve any unclaimed prizemoney from the Club.  Due to the administrative burdens involved, cheques are not issued, nor are payments made via BSB transfer.    All claims must be made in person at the Club.

News articles about the unclaimed prizemoney will be provided periodically, and will announce the "forfeiture" date that will be applied (at least 3 months).  Once this date is reached, all unclaimed prizemoney listed on that news report will be forfeited, and returned to club general revenue.

Last updated:  November, 2015

Kevin Wood GSR

kevin wood c grade